Creating Hang Tags for Cheap? Okay!

Branding is so important when you are a business and especially when you are a small business.

A couple of weeks ago I got my first big order of tote bags! Yay! But I quickly realized that I did not have any hang tags and when I went to print my own I soon realized that my printer could not handle it. So after many failed attempts at printing my own, I researched where to outsource them.

This is what I used - I do not make any sort of commission for the links I am sharing below:

  • Staples Business Cards with in-store pickup. $19.38 for 500 cards - you can upload your design to their website here

  • Design from TrendyCreativeDesign on Etsy $1.50 - you can get the same design I got here

  • 1/8" Hole Puncher $6.99 - you can get it here

  • 1,000 pcs Black Hang Tag String $8.59 - you can get it here

With my state's sales tax I spent $38.62 on these DIY hang tags.

Note: If you do end up getting business cards or hang tag prints from Staples, make sure that they are aligned and the correct color! When I went to pick them up the 1st time they weren’t aligned correctly and the color was off.


I recently ordered more hang tags that have my website on them. I ordered them from Vistaprint and the color and alignment were perfect. See below for the side-by-side.

The left is VistaPrint and the right is from Staples.

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