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How to make your own branded tissue paper?

Want to know a secret? Branding your business does not have to be expensive and you can make it look like a professional did it even if you made it yourself! You can make your own stickers if you have a die cutting machine such as Cricut or Silhouette. Your own leave me a review stickers and more!Oh and you can make your own tissue paper with your logo on it!

Okay let's get to the good stuff.. let me tell you how to save some money on branded tissue paper.

What you need - I do not make a commission on any of the links I am sharing below.

  • White or light colored tissue paper - you can get 125 sheets of white tissue paper on Amazon for $10.99 here

  • A stamp with your logo or business name on it - I like the self inking ones. I got mine from Boutique Stamps and Gifts for $24.68. Link is here

How to do it:

  1. Take two sheets of tissue paper and put them together. Fold them in half either vertically or horizontally and start stamping. Since the tissue paper is thin, if you only stamp one sheet it will bleed on to the other side or it will bleed on to your table... Trust me.. It happened.

  2. Start stamping. I do not really have a pattern of how I stamp I just do it and make sure that it looks good.

It is that simple but it does take some time.

Link to my instagram that shows me making my custom tissue paper:

I did end up getting some NoIssue custom tissue paper on February 12th but I still have not recieved it. 😞 I will update you on it when I do.

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