My Craft Room and Office Must Haves

I wanted to share some of my office must haves!


This is the desk I use my Cricut on, my iMac on and I craft on. You can find it here

This use to be my everything desk but after I moved into my office, I found I needed a bigger space to work. So this became my shipping and photo desk. You can find it here

Thermal Printer:

Munbyn thermal printer in pink - You can find this on amazon here or on Munbyn's website here. I would just go with whatever one is cheaper.

Label holder: I got this one here. Its still really bulky like just putting it in the box the labels came with but it works.

Labels: I got the flat fan ones (here), but next time I plan on getting the roll. I saw a cool TikTok that you can use a toilet paper roll holder and then tape it to a wall or put it on a peg board. Which takes up less space than the label holder I currently have.


I have the iMac, I like it because I have an iPhone and I can airdrop pictures to myself without losing the quality of the photo.

Overhead Light I use for my desk:

I love this light and love that it comes with a remote which makes turning it on and off easy. You can find it here.

Overhead Filming:

I have these two things. You can find the mount here and the adapter here.

After doing a bunch of research I found this on and it works for me plus it does not break the bank. The mount is for a desktop screen so you can tell it will hold my heavy phone. I use to have one of those gooseneck phone holders but the way my desk is set up and how heavy my phone is, it would fall off.


When my heatpress was delivered I quickly found out that I needed an actual work bench because it is heavy! I went to my local Harbor Freights and found this work bench. It took about 4.5 hours to put together mostly because I did most of it by myself and it is definitely a two person job. You can find it here.

I got these peg board baskets for the peg board that came with the work bench, they fit but you do have to make them fit. You can find the ones I got here.

Under the workbench storage:

I got these 12x12 scrapbooking containers from Michaels, and Costco. I use it to store my specialty vinyl such as patterned vinyl, chrome, hologrpahics, textured, etc. Click on the store name to go to the site. I found Costco's in the warehouse so I cannot link it.

Wired storage containers can be found here.

I just used a under bed container to store my rolls, a similar one can be found here.

Shipping Station:

My shipping station storage is in the closet since I do not need it all the time. When I package an order, I take the box out that I need and then package it on my shipping desk. The shelving I used can be found here.

Water activiated tape dispenser, I got it from Amazon and it's pretty good and easy to use. You can find it here.

Heat Press:

I chose this 15 x 15 clamshell heatpress with a drawer (slides out) from Heat Press Nation because I have ordered fromt them before and I love their customer service. Plus I live in CA so if I had any issues I could drive to their store instead of shipping it back. You can find the mint color here they also have pink.


This is great to put rolls or 12x12 sheets in, I just use it for sheets at the moment. You can find it here.

This is what I use by my desk for my tools, pens and notepads. You can find it here.

I got this when I was in the family room so I could keep everything organized. I now use this for extra storage and its where I keep my transfer tape, keychain blanks, thank you card, business cards, etc. You can find it here.

This cube storage was super easy to set up and can be configured in many ways. I use it to store my tissue paper and some shipping supplies, as well as products I have made. You can find it here.

I love this storage container, I fit my screen prints in it, cup accessories, paper and more. I got it from Home Depot because military discount! But you can find it anywhere, linking Home Depot one here.


Depending on what the item is, you can definitely shop Amazon warehouse or used. Most of the time the package is damaged and not the actual product.

* These links are not affiliate, I am just sharing what works for me.

Below are pictures of my office in real life meaning it's not always clean, dog mom life 😊

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