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These are some of the resources that I use to build my brand. I use most of these on a daily if not daily then a weekly or monthly basis. Below are my affiliate links in which I may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

Email Service Provider: Flodesk

Flodesk has an intuitive, drag-and-drop email builder which is perfect for beginner to advanced email marketers. Flodesk has elevated my email game and made it easy to design emails. Flodesk also has ready-to-use templates but they can easily be modified to fit your needs. Flodesk is also one set price whether you have 5 subscribers or thousands of subscribers it is one price.

Try FloDesk for 30 days free and get your first year at 50% OFF.


Scheduling Tool: Cinchshare

I scheduled at least a month's worth of content for my Insiders Group, page, Instagram, and Twitter. Before Cinchshare I was scrambling to get things posted or would forget altogether. I can go back and see what has been posted and what is pending with their menu. There are other outlets that you can choose to post to as well. If you do not know what to schedule as engagement, Cinchshare provides tools to help.

Try Cinchshare for 14 days FREE. Sign-Up for Cinchshare


Creative Fabrica

I get a lot of my fonts from Creative Fabrica. They have a good selection. But they also have freebies that they offer. All of their items come with a commercial license which means you are allowed to sell physical items with the font or images they have on Creative Fabrica. One of my favorite fonts is I love Glitter Font because it has some glyphs within the font. You can find it here.


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