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Saving Your HTV Vinyl Hack

A week ago maybe on my instagram stories I shared a story (boomerang) of myself weeding out HTV vinyl and then saving it to press later. I have been doing this since I started wholesale with my totes and I have to say it is genius! I originally saw this hack on TikTok so I cannot take credit for figuring this out.

I normally do not weed out my vinyl, press and ship in the same day when I get a wholesale or a big order, unless I have a bunch of time. But lets be honest.. pressing 20 totes in one day is hard work and it takes a lot of time. If you did not know I recently got a 15 x 15 heat press, I'll leave this here. (If you click on this link I do not get paid or anything I am just sharing what I use). Before I would make 10-20 totes with my Easy Press😳, I don't recommed it but it does work.

Okay, okay to the good stuff and not a back story on how I did all of it.

What you need (two options)

Option 1:

12 x 12 Scrapbooking Binder this one is like the one I have - I got the scrapbooking binder at the thrift store by my work for $2.50

Option 2:

Regular 3 hole Binder (you can get this anywhere)

Sheet Protectors (one I got here)

I prefer option 1 because the majority of my designs are not over 12x12 but they are over the 8.5 x 11 binder. But either one will work.

Here is a video I did of how to do it. It is pretty simple. Also I'm sure you can leave the designs in the binder for longer like I should but I only weed, stick in the binder and then press.

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Thank you 😊

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