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Scent Options and Descriptions:

You can find all the scents we offer here.


Our latest car freshies are the ultimate solution for a pleasant and refreshing driving experience! Our freshies are designed to provide a long-lasting fragrance, eliminate unpleasant odors, and create a welcoming ambiance inside your vehicle. Choose the scent you want to smell in your car.


With our freshie hangers, you can easily change out your freshie if you want a new design or a new scent to try out. Un-hook the freshie from the hanger with the hanger still attached to your rearview mirror. Then get your new freshie and clip it on. Hangers can be easily replaced as there is a breakaway attachment therefore no snipping or awkwardly removing your hanger from your rearview mirror. When you get bored of the scent you have or you just want a change simply come back to our website and order a new freshie here with your new scent.


Please note colors may vary depending on your screen settings.

Flower Bouquet Freshie


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  • Please note: We, Creations By Eliza D, are not responsible or liable for any tickets or any legal fees if your state prohibits items hanging with your rearview mirror. Please check with your state laws before purchasing. 

  • We have gotten rid of our options. Now all of our freshies come unscented and with a 5ml spray bottle so you can spray as much or as little as you would like.